Friday, December 10, 2010

It's difficult blogging from an iPhone.

This morning I write to you from my iPhone. I love this little gadget and it works much better than my computer. However, it is tiny and not the best for long writings. But this is the device I have to write from.

This past Sunday I ran in my second 1/2 marathon! It was an amazing experience. My time was 2:38:14. A decent improvement from my last race. I felt so much stronger in this race. I am pretty sure that I am hooked on running. People have been asking me when I will run a full marathon. I am very content with the challenge of 13.1 miles for now. I already am planning on running another 1/2 in March. I would love to get my time under 2:30.

I have spent the last few days attending one of my favorite events - Divisional Staff Meetings. Yes, I just said these particular meetings are some of my favorites. At DSMs I am challenged to grow but in the context of a loving community. I am reminded of all the talents and gifts the staff in my division have. I am very blessed to work alongside such amazing people. I really do love my job.

Speaking of loving my job, what kind of job send people to China to hang out with students? Mine does!! In a few hours I will leave for the airport. I get to spend the next two weeks traveling around China with a couple of international students that are attending UNLV. I am so excited to learn about the culture. It will help greatly with evangelism in the states. I am also looking forward together a better grasp on how I can help prepare Chinese international students to go back to China. On top of the great ministry experience China is just going to be an awesome place to visit.

I probably won't have internet service while overseas but I will make sure to take notes so I can post later. I'm am very excited and grateful for my upcoming travels! :)