Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It Has Started!

I feel like I have a legit reason for not blogging the last few weeks. School started! It started last Monday actually. This is one of the most craziest, funniest, exciting and most stressful times of any campus ministers life. On top of that the couple of weeks before school started were a bit crazy in my personal life.

A couple of weeks ago we had our leaders retreat in St. George, UT. It was beautiful and great to get away from Vegas with some of our coolest students. We also had an amazing retreat fellowship-ing and learning about prayer.

A week later school started. So we had our information table set up outside and we had what we call a proxy station set up. A proxy is an interactive art/ evangelism tool that we use on campus. They are great for meeting new people and geeting the conversation going. We had some amazing students running the proxy and the information table. This years proxy was called Body-Mind-Soul. It basically asked a series of questions concerning all three topics. Students could respond by placing stickers or using a dry erase marker.

Our students did great! I have never seen so many students passionate about reaching their campus. We were never short handed. One student in particular showed up on the first day, wasn't familiar with the Proxy but dropped off her backpack and immediately started asking students walking by if they would like to participate. She even got several skateboarders and students with headphones in to turn around and come back to see the Proxy. It was amazing. On top of that we met 6 students who want to know more about Jesus. 6! That is more than we have ever had in a school year!

Our first fellowship meeting is tomorrow night! I am really excited to see what God is going to do. We now have a Large Group Team just to help out on Thursday nights. They are a bunch of creative girls. They are helping with the ambiance, slides, greeting new people, helping people get connected, a lot of stuff. These girls have been working really hard this last week and I am so excited to see what it will look like tomorrow. Also, the Small Groups are gonna rock! I am leading a team of ten amazing leaders. They are going to reach the campus in unaccountable ways. They are going to do things that I can only dream of doing. They are leading their first studies tomorrow in Luke 5. And last but definitely not least, we have two students committed to help us learn and grow in prayer. This year has already been covered in prayer. I am excited to see us as a fellowship of prayer. We have weekly prayer meetings and will be practicing different types of prayer.

I will defiantly be blogging about our first fellowship meeting and all the events we have going on this weekend.

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