Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Garden's First Fruits

Early Spring 
Earlier this year I was inspired by my friend to plant a garden. She planted one, so why couldn’t I? Growing up I had always helped my mom with the garden and loved it. I would much rather be doing chores outside than inside. However, my mom has a natural green-thumb and I don;t think I inherited that natural ability. But, I was inspired! So I made a trip to Lowe’s grabbed some soil, plants and seeds. That evening I enjoyed some quality time outside in the dirt planting watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and peppers.  

I also planted basil, mint, rosemary and cilantro, but the rosemary and cilantro never grew. Even though we have had triple digit temperature I think the garden is doing ok. Ben built a handy little fence and put shade cloth all the way around to give the plants a little rest from the sun. The heat killed off the two of the cantaloupe and a squash. But things started to grow!

"First Fruits"
Today I picked some of the “first fruits” from the garden. They are tiny (that is my hand) but they are here! In the morning I will see how they taste and maybe put them in an omelet.  Hopefully next year they will be bigger! But for the meantime, I will be thankful and proud of what we have. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012



Sleeping in the garden.

About a month before the wedding a black cat started coming around the house. At first he would just run right by me as I was walking towards the door. Then he would let me pet him and I caved by giving him some milk, and eventually into the house. The cat loved having a place to sleep and I loved having him around. After the wedding the cat was still around, and Ben told me we couldn't keep him or name him until I took him to the vet. I had an appointment for the next day. Part of the reason decided to keep him is because he is such a calm and lazy cat. However when I took hime to the vet his attitude completely turned into the worst cat in the world. He was howling and hissing at everyone. The vet said they can't do a full examine unless they sedate him because he was so angry. But the vet said he was healthy and weighed in at 15.2lbs.  He is big, but not overweight. We settled on the name Maxwell and it seems to be suiting him just fine. Max loves to come inside during the day to sleep and stays out all night while its cool. Maxwell also believes that us humans are unable to catch our own food, so we have had at least 5 birds brought to the house in the last two months. Now all of the birds in the neighborhood dislike him and some will dive bomb him. Even with his amazing hunting skills, most of the time we find Max in a deep sleep, flat on his back. My favorite part of the day has become the morning, sitting with a cup of coffee, my Bible and Max curled up in my lap.
This blanket is his favorite. 
Curled up on the couch

Many Posts

I have so many things to write about! I will try to write them in order :) Life has been great and eventful!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Update Needed! :)

Wow. It's been a while since I have been here. But as I have been thinking about what God has done in my life this last year, and the new adventures that are starting, I am tempted to write again. However, this blog is in need of a major renovation. Blessings!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More than a Student

I wrote this entry back in early May but I am just now getting around to posting again.

I have a hard time calling this person a student of mine. For starters, we are the same age and she is currently getting her Phd. But she is more than a student to me. She is one of my dearest friends, challenges me in my walk with God, holds me accountable, cries with me and laughs with me. She is an inspiration to me.

A few months ago I led a training on GIGs. A GIG is a Group Investigating God, basically a one on one Bible study with a believer for someone who is seeking to learn more about God. At the end of a GIG the person leading has a great opportunity to ask if the other person would like to accept Jesus in their life. I had asked everyone in the group to pray about whom they want to lead a GIG with. I also told them that the following week I would ask them who that person is. I wanted to hold them accountable to sharing the gospel with others. I believe that we as Christians are lacking in sharing the good news with our family and friends around us.

Before the meeting ended my friend new exactly who she wanted to do a GIG with. She excitedly told me that another girl who had been in our fellowship the semester before (I’ll call her K) had been put on her heart to do a GIG with. K had been around for a semester and was struggling with the difference between Christianity and Mormonism. I thought it was a great idea, then I remembered that K was doing an internship this semester on the other side of the country. My friend asked me if anyone had ever done a GIG through Skype. I hadn’t, but I didn’t see why a Skype GIG couldn’t be done. And we both thought that it was important enough for K to hear the gospel to take the challenge of doing it through Skype.

The next week my friend asked K to be in a GIG. K said yes!

They started a four part series in discovering who God is. I was told that each session was hours long. I have never lead one that was more then an hour or so. Each session was full of hard/great questions, tears, laughter and a deepening friendship. It was very exciting.

The morning of the last GIG my friend and I were driving to church. We processed, talked through and prayed about how she would lead and invite K into a relationship with Jesus.

I got a text very late that night that K decided to enter into a relationship with Jesus! My friend stays in contact with K, discipling her, while we are waiting for K’s return to Vegas.

I forgot to mention that my friend is from China. She willingly took on an “American” structure and tried it with another Chinese student, and through Skype.

I am so blessed to have her in my life. Thanks Joy for being my friend.

Myself and Joy on the Great Wall of China. (December 20, 2010)

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's difficult blogging from an iPhone.

This morning I write to you from my iPhone. I love this little gadget and it works much better than my computer. However, it is tiny and not the best for long writings. But this is the device I have to write from.

This past Sunday I ran in my second 1/2 marathon! It was an amazing experience. My time was 2:38:14. A decent improvement from my last race. I felt so much stronger in this race. I am pretty sure that I am hooked on running. People have been asking me when I will run a full marathon. I am very content with the challenge of 13.1 miles for now. I already am planning on running another 1/2 in March. I would love to get my time under 2:30.

I have spent the last few days attending one of my favorite events - Divisional Staff Meetings. Yes, I just said these particular meetings are some of my favorites. At DSMs I am challenged to grow but in the context of a loving community. I am reminded of all the talents and gifts the staff in my division have. I am very blessed to work alongside such amazing people. I really do love my job.

Speaking of loving my job, what kind of job send people to China to hang out with students? Mine does!! In a few hours I will leave for the airport. I get to spend the next two weeks traveling around China with a couple of international students that are attending UNLV. I am so excited to learn about the culture. It will help greatly with evangelism in the states. I am also looking forward together a better grasp on how I can help prepare Chinese international students to go back to China. On top of the great ministry experience China is just going to be an awesome place to visit.

I probably won't have internet service while overseas but I will make sure to take notes so I can post later. I'm am very excited and grateful for my upcoming travels! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Catching Up

Well, another few months has passed without a blog update. What can I say? The blog has been a low priority.

Last weekend the UNLV staff hosted our first conference. The DIP was an inner city experience to learn about our ethnic identity, Biblical justice and God’s heart for the city. We took 23 students through the conference. The weekend was great. Student’s eyes were really opened. But this is a big issue (part of the reason we call it a dip.) This starts a big journey for our fellowship. I would consider the DIP a success.

The thing I learned most from the DIP though is that I continue to appreciate my job more and more. I love seeing students out of their comfort zone and experiencing another side of God’s heart. It is amazing seeing students become passionate about something they didn’t care about before. I love being able to take students on this journey. I love seeing them become passionate about something God cares about. I absolutely love it.

On another note, I have greatly enjoyed running! I completed my first ½ marathon on October 10, 2010. My time was 2:53:20. Not bad. I was just happy that I actually ran a ½ marathon! I am really proud of myself for sticking to training for 10 weeks. My goal of building discipline into my life is happening, not only with running. On top of that I have signed up for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll ½ marathon! It is December 5th. I can't say that every morning I wake up and can't wait to run, but I do have days that I am excited to run. I can't say that every run is easy, but I do feel stronger. I can't say that I have a good pace, but I am running. I am a runner.