Saturday, July 28, 2012



Sleeping in the garden.

About a month before the wedding a black cat started coming around the house. At first he would just run right by me as I was walking towards the door. Then he would let me pet him and I caved by giving him some milk, and eventually into the house. The cat loved having a place to sleep and I loved having him around. After the wedding the cat was still around, and Ben told me we couldn't keep him or name him until I took him to the vet. I had an appointment for the next day. Part of the reason decided to keep him is because he is such a calm and lazy cat. However when I took hime to the vet his attitude completely turned into the worst cat in the world. He was howling and hissing at everyone. The vet said they can't do a full examine unless they sedate him because he was so angry. But the vet said he was healthy and weighed in at 15.2lbs.  He is big, but not overweight. We settled on the name Maxwell and it seems to be suiting him just fine. Max loves to come inside during the day to sleep and stays out all night while its cool. Maxwell also believes that us humans are unable to catch our own food, so we have had at least 5 birds brought to the house in the last two months. Now all of the birds in the neighborhood dislike him and some will dive bomb him. Even with his amazing hunting skills, most of the time we find Max in a deep sleep, flat on his back. My favorite part of the day has become the morning, sitting with a cup of coffee, my Bible and Max curled up in my lap.
This blanket is his favorite. 
Curled up on the couch

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  1. He's adorable! And 15 pounds, what a beast! I always used to beg my parents to let me adopt the stray animals that would linger in our yard. If they had let me do that, we would've collected something like 20+ animals. Although my pet dreams never came true, I'm glad that it's working out for you and Maxwell!