Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Garden's First Fruits

Early Spring 
Earlier this year I was inspired by my friend to plant a garden. She planted one, so why couldn’t I? Growing up I had always helped my mom with the garden and loved it. I would much rather be doing chores outside than inside. However, my mom has a natural green-thumb and I don;t think I inherited that natural ability. But, I was inspired! So I made a trip to Lowe’s grabbed some soil, plants and seeds. That evening I enjoyed some quality time outside in the dirt planting watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and peppers.  

I also planted basil, mint, rosemary and cilantro, but the rosemary and cilantro never grew. Even though we have had triple digit temperature I think the garden is doing ok. Ben built a handy little fence and put shade cloth all the way around to give the plants a little rest from the sun. The heat killed off the two of the cantaloupe and a squash. But things started to grow!

"First Fruits"
Today I picked some of the “first fruits” from the garden. They are tiny (that is my hand) but they are here! In the morning I will see how they taste and maybe put them in an omelet.  Hopefully next year they will be bigger! But for the meantime, I will be thankful and proud of what we have. 

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